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The wild encounter involved two bowhunters, three wolverines, and an apparent mule deer suicide.
The dead pronghorn was just one of the animals killed by the trio of out-of-state poachers
Populations of wild Eastern turkeys have continued to decline in the southeastern United States
As with most endangered species, the federal management of Mexican gray wolves is a controversial topic
The prehistoric shark tooth was found by the captain and experienced aquatic fossil hunter on Oct. 15
The troopers used a taxidermied deer placed on the side of the road after legal hunting hours to lure the poachers in.
A new study shows that females could be losing their tusks as an evolutionary response to poaching
The tongue-eating parasite is one of creepiest creatures living in Texas waterways
Texas and other coastal states are enacting temporary closures to the flounder fishing season in response to declining populations throughout the flounder's native range.