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SPECIAL REPORT: “World Record” Bass Found Dead

Dottie, the legendary “world-record” bass of Dixon Lake in Escondido, California is dead, seemingly ending the years-long obsession to find and rehook her in an attempt to set a new world-record mark. According to, “Dottie,” nicknamed for a distinctive marking below her jawline, was found floating in Dixon Lake on Friday. She apparently weighed only 19 pounds, well below the 25-pound, 1 ounces she weighed when Mac Weakley caught her in 2006. Both Weakley and fellow monster bass chaser Jed Dickerson were brought in to identify the fish and agreed that it was Dottie. California Fish and Game officials are expected to take tissue samples to pinpoint the fish’s age. Weakley, Dickerson and the obsession with catching Dottie are featured in the current issue of Outdoor Life magazine.—Gerry Bethge