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Monster Iowa Buck Was Likely a Hoax

Natalie Krebs Avatar

Last week we posted about a potential world record archery buck from Iowa that’s been popping up around the Internet. What might have been an impressive addition to the record books is now looking more and more like a hoax. To help solve this mystery, the Boone and Crockett Club recently posted this image and accompanying text to their Facebook page:
“There’s been a photo of a potential world record buck circulating around on the net. Its rack is suspiciously similar to a set of sheds found by a friend of B&C. We aren’t 100% sure it is a hoax, but one or more of these photos definitely is. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.”_

The suspicious photo is shown on the far left and features a blurry buck and hunter. The mount on the far right displays the Kansas Prince sheds, and it’s pretty difficult to ignore the similarities. To make the comparison easier, Black Creek Taxidermy reportedly photographed a replica set of the Prince sheds. That picture is located second in the lineup, and closely recreates the position of the rack in the field.

Despite the disappointing turn of events, B&C is taking a light-hearted approach to the likely hoax. They’re calling it the “deer formerly known as Prince.”